my code


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Re: my code

Post przez Maciek » 2 mar 2015, o 07:40

It's working.

Re: my code

Post przez glaxy » 24 lut 2015, o 06:17

The equalizer in this version for some reason is not working, I changed presets and the audio output remained the same even if I changed presets from techno to rock to flat, anything I might be missing? Maybe theres a Equalizer ON button I cant see. :P ..................

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Re: my code

Post przez Scripter1 » 2 sty 2013, o 15:17

First of all from what country are you, it's first information that we need.
Then how exactly did you pay, if by SMS then check what exactly message did you sent and on what number (if you send wrong message then it it won't go to us even if you send it on wright number).

And all complaints about payments you should send to

my code

Post przez code » 2 sty 2013, o 14:37

I paid
10 Riyal for code by mobile.
now where the code I want my code?