No Subtitles after re-starting AllPlayer with same movie

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  • Dear AllPlayer team,

    After playing a movie for which I added subtitles I noticed that the next time I started AllPlayer again with the same movie, the subtitles did not show up again.

    The button "SUBS ON" indicated that the subtitles were on. When selecting the button "SUB", the pop up screen shows a blue radio button in front of the subtitle file.

    To get the Subtitles shown up again, I need to use the button "SUB", and in the pop up screen that shows the blue radion button in front of the subtitle, I need to click with my mouse on the subtitle file. After that, the subtitles show up again.

    Is this normal behaviour?

  • AllPlayer info

    AllPlayer V4.2 including Live Update. All settings of AllPlayer are set to default.

    Computer configuration

    Operating System: Windows 7 (x64) Ultimate.
    Motherboard: Asus M4A79XTD EVO
    Processor: AMD AM3 Phenom2 X3 720 95W 2.80
    Memory: Kingston DDR3 4GB 1600MHZ NON-ECC CL9 DIMM KIT OF 2 XMP
    Powersupply: Cooler Master,Silent Pro,500W
    Hard disk: Samsung EcoGreen F2 HD502HI, 500GB

    File information - MediaInfo

    Media Format: Matroska
    File Size: 15.81 GiB
    Duration: 02:06:50.272

    Video (0):
    Codec: (V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC) AVC
    Format: AVC
    Wideo Size: 1920x800
    FrameRate: 23.976 fps
    Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
    BitRate: 15.8 Mbps

    Audio (0):
    Codec: (DTS) DTS
    Format: DTS
    Channel(s): 6 channels
    BitRate: 1 510 Kbps

    Audio (1):
    Codec: (AC3) AC3
    Format: DTS
    Channel(s): 6 channels
    BitRate: 1 510 Kbps

    Subs (0):
    Codec: (S_TEXT/UTF8) UTF-8
    Format: UTF-8
    Language: English

    Subs (1):
    Codec: (S_TEXT/UTF8) UTF-8
    Format: UTF-8
    Language: English

  • Saving subs from ALLPlayer, there are saved in time sync format so there is no need to do that now.
    But I think it would be a good idea in the future to add the ability to save in frame sync format too.

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    Dołączył(a): 30 paź 2014, o 00:24

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