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31 sty 2017, o 12:24

  • From ALLPlayer 7.1 can you search for movies in any streaming websites or in torrent websites.
    This, however is not easy and requires knowledge of building websites and regex function.
    If someone feels up to it, and can add to our search engine some cool video websites, please share in this forum settings, so others less adept could copy and use these parameters.

    How does it work:

    1. click on the +:
    allplayer-search-engine-configuration-en-01.jpg (33.5 KiB) Przeglądane 18686 razy

    2. click on "add a site":
    allplayer-search-engine-configuration-en-02.jpg (36.38 KiB) Przeglądane 18686 razy

    3. enter the data:
    allplayer-search-engine-configuration-en-03.jpg (44.46 KiB) Przeglądane 18686 razy

    - in the field "Type", select whether it is a service with streaming or torrent files.
    - in the field "Search website" enter the address that appears when you type in the given website searched word, in place of the searched word, ener XXXXX.
    - if you are looking not for a single word, but a few words, you have to type character which website uses to separate words instead of spaces (it is usually a character +), in the field "Replace the space characters with:".
    - if you are looking on torrent sites in the next field you can determine how many seeds must be to show searched item.
    - in the next field please enter the regex value, which finds on the website number of seeds.
    - in the field "Title", enter the value of the regex, which finds on the website the title of the item.
    - if there is not direct link to a movie on the searched website, then in "Sub-website link", enter the regex value, which finds a link to a sub-website with a given item.
    - in the field "Link to the file" enter the regex value for a file to be played in ALLPlayer.
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