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Problem with video

: 9 cze 2011, o 11:41
autor: mhls

Im having problem with video when turning on any kind of movie. Basicly the file is running but i dont see any video and subtitles are only shining - by that i mean they dont have basic white color.
Yesterday after that happend i have uninstalled and installed newest version, also updated all the codecs but problem still exsists.
After draging Allplayer frame i have noticed that the video is on my desktop instade of player window.

Im using windows xp as a operating system.

Looking forward for and advice. mail:

Re: Problem with video

: 9 cze 2011, o 11:59
autor: Scripter1
What graphic card and what driver/software do you have installed to it?
We know that Splendid driver provided by Asus to it's cards makes that kind of problems and uninstalling it should resolve that problem.

Also write us what version of ALLPlayer you have and on what Video Out mode that happens (see here: ... rs_eng.jpg).