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: 1 mar 2015, o 16:57
autor: JWJ van Dijk
It's not easy to post a message to this forum. Most information around is only in Polish (this total page is in Polish). It's also not easy to send the company an email. Well, sending is easy but I get no reponse at all (tried four times). But anyway, I have two questions (or problems) with AllConverter Pro (registration version 1.1, I paid good money for it). It's a great tool, works good but the support can really a bit better. My two questions:

1) The last two lines of my subtitles are never, never displayed. Could you please tell me how to change it?

2) I have seen that there is a new verion of ALLConvert, but it is NOT compatible with a windows 64 bit environment. Why not? Are you going to change this because I always get an error message when I try to install. There seems to be a old 16-bit code in thsii newer version which is not supported in windows 7 64 bit.

Please help and kind regards,
J.W.J. van Dijk