Using Subtitles in ALLPlayer

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Using Subtitles in ALLPlayer

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Using Subtitles in ALLPlayer

This guide is provided to help you use the subtitles functionality within ALLPlayer. The availability of subtitles for any individual movie file depends on the user community creating and submitting them, so help out if you can, and don't be too upset if they are not available for the version of the video you have. For more information about the specifics of subtitle creation and submission, check out O​p​e​n​S​u​b​t​i​t​l​e​s​.​o​r​g.

(I will be using the "Standard" skin for this guide, but you should find most or all of the icons I use on other skins also.)

Loading a subtitle file interactively for the current movie

Click on the "TXT" icon or the folder icon with "TXT" above it.

If the .srt (subtitles) file for the movie came with it and is in the same directory, you should see it listed at the top of the dropdown menu. Select it and your subtitles should appear on screen.

If you have the .srt (subtitles) file already on your hard drive, but in another directory, click "Search subtitles in the local drives..." and locate the .srt file for your video. Select it and you should see your subtitles on the screen.

If you do not have an .srt, you need to try to locate one on the Internet. If you are Polish, you should try the NAPIPROJEKT options first. Otherwise go to the submenu and choose "Search for matching subtitles". It will show the search progress and let you know if it found the subtitles or not. If not, you can try again after a minute; sometimes the servers are busy. When it is complete, the sub-menu will now have a full list of the different subtitles files available for your movie. Next, choose a subtitles file that matches the language you wish to use. If the file is not in .srt format, you may get the "Wrong Subs Format" message and will need to try a different subtitle entry. At some point, you will hopefully get the message stating that the subtitles have been downloaded. It will have been downloaded to the same directory your movie file is located in. Now, click the subtitles icon one last time and choose the .srt file that was downloaded from the top of the menu. You should now be able to see your subtitles.

(The subs item on the interface should light up while subtitles are active)

Configuring ALLPlayer to use subtitles automatically.
  1. Open the "ALLPlayer Toolbar" window by clicking on the tools icon in the black portion of the standard interface. It is located on the right side between the X icon and the enlarge/reduce icon and looks like a hammer and wrench crossed over each other.
  2. Choose the "Subtitles" Menu item and the "Subtitles Servers" sub-menu option to open the (or NAPIPROJEKT) configuration screen.
  3. Select your default language from the drop down box.
  4. Place a check by "In case of missing subs, download the list of subtitles from" to have ALLPlayer automatically check for subtitle files.
  5. Place a check by "Automatically Get the subs and display them in the movie" if you would like ALLPlayer to choose a subtitles file that matches your language and display it whenever you open a new movie.
  6. If you are registered with, you may place your login information here. I am not sure what benefit this gives, but it may be required for uploading your own subtitles files.