Explanation of the 'Code' and PREMIUM access

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Explanation of the 'Code' and PREMIUM access

Post autor: Scripter1 » 28 wrz 2009, o 08:40

ALLPlayer is a free program. However, it does cost its developers time and money to maintain the LiveUpdate servers so that you always have the best software and the latest codecs at your fingertips. That being said, we feel that those who wish to support the project with a minor donation (2 EURO or about US $3) or more, should recieve extra benefits.

Those who donate will recieve a "CODE" by email or SMS allowing them to enter into the LiveUpdate screen to activate our PREMIUM servers. Those who wish to use the FREE server do not need a code and may skip step 3 of the LiveUpdate process after choosing the FREE server from the dropdown list.

Our PREMIUM servers, available in Polish and English for now, to donating users, offer the latest versions of all our codecs and software accessories so that you get the absolute best experience out of ALLPlayer. This includes the YouTube downloads, spoken narration of subtitles using the Expressivo text-to-speech demo software, and other possibilities.

Our FREE server offers all the codecs you will require to play all of your content, but they may not be the latest, fastest, or best quality that is available. You should not notice the difference on a daily basis, but we encourage all of our FREE users to make a small donation to get the best experience they can get and help our team out in the process. We all win that way.

Note: Windows Vista users must disable User Account Control to use LiveUpdate. It may be re-enabled after the updates.