Allplayer v5.2 installation error

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Allplayer v5.2 installation error

Post autor: a_statham » 1 wrz 2012, o 12:08

I have ALLplayer v5.0 installed and have been trying to download v5.2. When trying to run the .exe, I get the error message 'the system cannot find the path specified'. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? I am using Windows 7 64bit. Thanks.

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Re: Allplayer v5.2 installation error

Post autor: Scripter1 » 1 wrz 2012, o 13:38

This is a typical when an antivirus or firewall is blocking ALLPlayer.
Some antiviruses may trigger a fake alert about virus or revert changes made by installer after installation or just silently block and delete installer.
This is false alert and you must add this file to whitelist (allowed) in your antivirus.